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Finally, something new

2012-11-26 18:51:47 by SickLilMonkey

So, finally have a new project out and I hope you all like it. Not that I have too many fans, haha. Got a lot of useful criticism about the frame rate from my 1st cartoon so I made sure I did the standard 24 as opposed to the choppy 12. Still working with it, but definitely better. Got a new tablet and it's really made things easier to work with. I like Megaman, Blues is my favorite and this newest cartoon is about a question I've always had about his ever-present shades.
Got one more animation out on....another site *cough cough* about the Sonic/Megaman comic book crossover coning in, I think it's January actually. It's "Megaman's No.1 Fan" if you feel like looking for it.